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About me

I started my career as a nurse. After which I specialized trough national and international jobs in the strategic development, implementation and operation of healthcare projects. Projects that improve health outcomes and patient experiences across Europe.

My learnings

In all those years I learned that patients' health is more than the absence of disease. It is also about increasing your self-reliance, to regain control over your own life again. Care should match your recovery process.

My mission

I want to provide care that focuses on the person above the patient. Care beyond providing medications and information. Personal care, with attention to social conditions and personal desires of patients. Listening to their voice enables you to provide the best appropriate care solutions.

My strenght

I am decisive, proactive, committed and connecting. My style of work is focused on the human approach to complex issues without losing sight of the objectives of the organization. I believe in the power of bringing people, plans and ideas together.

CG Health Connect stands for

The name says it all. With CG Health Connect I’m creating the connection. I collaborate with patient associations and companies in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, who want to improve the standard of care. Who want to put patient and human care first, based on Value Based HealthCare.

Stronger together

Together we invest in knowledge and in finding appropriate solutions to challenging healthcare problems. With combined forces, we can provide the best care. If you share this ambition, I would love to hear from you.

"Carla is a passionate, kind-hearted and knowledgeable person who I have worked with for many years now. With her company she helps in strategic decision-making and I see that she always puts the patient back at the forefront of the discussions.
Carla is empathic when working directly with patients and makes sure the insights are translated into  actions that ultimately help patients to live with their condition.

CG Health Connect is a truly patient engaged company".

Nadine van Dongen - Founder & Managing Director Patient Intelligence Panel - 2021

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